Naomi Siyu Guo

Digital Marketing: Data visualised

Digital Marketing is a fast growing industry. I have obtained professional experience in a digital agency working as a digital marketer. This applied research proposal brief (ARPB) is putting my digital marketing strategy to a test. London-based Chinese blogger Amberose He is launching a new English website. She is famous on Chinese social media with 70k followers. The aim of this project is to drive traffic to the website and analyse the outcome to see what we need to improve to gain success in an English-speaking context. The marketing plan is constructed of video content marketing and seasonal marketing. Facebook is one of the main social media platforms that were used in this project. The significance of data analytical skills that was required in the industry has driven me to practice Data Visualisation. The data from the campaign will be turning into beautiful graphs to signify and simplify interesting findings from this campaign. For example: which country has the most viewers to the site, what is the main audience group of the Facebook videos?