Rachele Hilleard

Online dating apps have become a huge part of many people’s lives over the last 10 years due to the increased technology advancements from computers to smart phones. Tinder, released in September of 2012 was the biggest development to date, for online dating, allowing easy potential matches to happen, it was the first ‘swiping apps’ of its kind. The app registers over one billion ‘swipes’ a day as is one of the biggest ways people find dates in this day and age online. In this project, it is discussed how people find others attractive on Tinder, through their Tinder profile images. There isn’t an exact formula in how to create the perfect profile, and what generally is found attractive just through images in modern society, therefore I wanted to explore how someone can maximise their profile in order to get the best success from online dating. As Tinder is mainly based on the looks of a person rather than their ‘about me’ sections, I decided this was the best platform to conduct this. Many people have the problem of not being successful in online dating, and feel left out of the typically now conventional thing to do, this I wanted to see if I could make a universal code through psychological studies on attraction and people’s own personal views on attractiveness.