Renee Attobrah

Do Not Hold Back

Do Not Hold Back is a sensitive and personal documentary because Shakira talks about her parents not knowing that she studies dance and not doing an academic subject like business management. Most Ethnic African parents expect their child to do something academic because they want their child to do well in life. However, parents do need to understand if when their child is enjoying what they love to do such as dance. I will be interviewing Shakira and she will be talking about the reasons why she studies dance. Questions and assumptions can then be made to see whether culture expectations are the reason to why she has not told her parents that she studies dance. The problem that is occurring in my documentary is that Shakira has not told her parents that she is studying dance at university. This is a big issue because she needs to tell her parents before she graduates. The process I will be exploring is finding out the reason why Shakira is hiding this secret from her parents and finding out about her life growing up from young, this will then build up towards a huge storyline about herself telling her parents she studies dance and she loves what she does. Shakira wants to build a career at the end of this, as she does not just see this as a hobby, she sees this as her life and no one will stop her from succeeding.