Senga Muremanyundo

My FMP is a short documentary style documentary on the importance of hair within black culture. Through being raised within a black community, I have witnessed this cultural gathering within hair congregations such as the barber shop or hair salons. The discourse around black hair has been addressed previously through various documentaries and readings, one of these documentaries called ‘Good Hair’ (Chris Rock, 2009), was a key inspiration in the making of this project. The idea of hair not only being important to black culture but also a key contributor to black history is demonstrated within my video project. Through the sequence of historical and traditional black hairstyle photographs, it successfully teaches the audiences the deeper significance of hair within our history. Secondly I intended to portray our culture through the inside, through the eyes and views of people belonging to that community such as peers and family. This was important because it adds a more authentic point of view to the piece, and lastly it makes none black audiences understand and gain new information on black hair that has not been filtered through negative hegemonic scholars and theory. This piece is a celebratory video on the black hair that has been historically marginalised within western culture, and it raises many questions on racism and discrimination on black contemporary culture and traditions. Black hair historically has been told to be put away, or straightened or manipulated and changed to conform white hegemonic standards and society, this piece rejects that and celebrates authentic black hair for the glory that it is.