Tom Randell

Liam Cleeton Photography.

For this project, I created a website for an amateur photographer, Liam Cleeton, whom hopes to embark on a career in photography. With this in mind, I designed the website specifically to coincide with the requirements and needs of my client. I produced a website that highlights and accentuates his photography, making the photo’s appear in the best possible way. It was also a priority that I try and create the clients brand by means of the general look of the website; the decisions made in terms of the style, theme, colour scheme and presentation.

The website allows users to browse my clients work in a stylish way, with the use of full web page width slide shows and clear navigation methods. The website also allows visitors to buy downloadable versions of Liam Cleeton’s favourite pieces of work. I clarified the location of my client and presented his contact details in a way which is easily legible and accessible; social media links and emailing account. I have also created business cards which my client can give to his future bookings in order to promote his brand. The website can be used by my client as he can continue to contribute his works online and post updates, informing his growing audience of his whereabouts and projects he is participating in. This is ultimately why the website was made; for him to make a name for himself within the photographic industry.