Victoria Kaboyo

Music, emotion and human interaction

Through my documentary, I have showcased how my different friends relate to music and how it affects their emotions and interactions with others. This documentary is an intimate look into my friend’s thoughts and feelings towards music. It is significant because most people listen to music and they listen to it for various reasons. This topic is important to me because I love music and listen to it every day, it contributes greatly to how I deal with certain situations and people. It inspires me and does affect my emotions and interactions with others. Music can make me feel nostalgic and is a great motivator for me. it motivates me to work, clean, travel, study and much more. These are some of the points that are brought up in this documentary by my friends along with many other opinions. We get to see and hear some of my friend’s favourite music to listen to when they are dealing with different emotions and how that affects them mentally and emotionally. My friends listen to different genres of music which is why the audience is able to get a good view of how music affects them and not just in one set genre. This documentary and interview style is relaxed and conversational. The audience should feel like they are part of the conversations my friends are having within the documentary and also to ask themselves if music really does affect their emotions and how they interact with other people in their everyday lives. This documentary is aimed at young adults between the ages of 18 – 25.